It’s all about the bass. And the hips, and the belly and the whole down-there-ness.

So back in December, you might remember me talking about how 2015 was going to be my year of being ‘all in’ – I was told by super-clever astro-geeks that that there has been some crazy shiz going down in Scorpio for the last 2 years (yep, can TOTALLY vouch for that!) and that while it’s effected us all, it would have had most impact on Scorpios (yep, I can TOTALLY vouch for that too) anyway, the good news is that it ended in December – hurrah – and at the risk of sounding woo-woo (don’t I always?!) I felt a whole lot lighter because of it.
In body, in mind and most deffo in spirit.
The Viking and I both roll in sync with the seasons, so we’re still very much in our creative, play + down-time winter cave (if you’re waiting on a response from me regarding editing or mentoring know that I will be back at my desk on the 2nd Feb, Imbolc, ready to work with you and plant seeds together for Spring) and as part of my own play I’ve been exploring two things that I need to share with you, woman to woman.

Non-pretzel shape-pulling
I’ve taken to the yoga mat each day, (if you’re on Instagram, you’ll totally know that – come join me @sassylisalister I LOVE Instagram) which I know as a yoga teacher ‘should’ be a given, right? Except, 1. I’m rubbish with ‘shoulds’, and 2. When I’m day 23 of my menstrual cycle, the idea of pulling a warrior pose is not something that ever appeals to me, so I’ve devised my own practice. SHE Flow yoga – a fierce and feminine practice that puts the ‘ass’ in asana and it feels SO […]

Blessed yule, post-surgery musings + a declaration of ‘all in-ness’

Blessed yule SHEloves! So, it was the Viking and I’s wedding anniversary on the 21st, and as well as the fun, laughter + ridiculous amount o’ love stuff that happened on that day, we made a vow to each other that in work, love + life we would be ‘all in’.  The whole SHEbang, because when you witness + experience death as much as both the Viking and I have in the last 2 years (him even longer, he’s an A+E nurse) you start to realise that certificates on a wall, doing things to please others + the safeness of the known, are NOT what you give a shit about in your last moments, what matters is a heart full of love + no regrets.

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Go with YOUR flow

FACT: A huge-ass percentage o’ ladykind no NOTHING about their super powers as a woman and instead, spend their menstruating years doing life like a dude.
Maybe it’s because they see their femininity as a sign o’ weakness, maybe they feel pressure in the workplace to be ‘as good as the boys’ or perhaps they think  in order to be the version of successful that society would have us all believe makes us ‘worthy’ and ‘someone in the world’ we have to to be thinner, better, stronger, faster while ignoring the innately feminine natural ebb + flow of our nature-based, cyclic nature.

It’s NOT your fault.

Tampax tells us that our menstrual cycle is mother nature’s ‘monthly gift’ (to be said in sarcastic tone) + that we should be ashamed + resentful of it.
Bodyform tells us that despite the fact we’re bleeding we should jump out of planes and rollerskate backwards while wearing white jeans.
Basically, the message is loud and clear – ignore your womb wisdom – the wisdom of the seasons + the cycles – ebb + flow, give + take – + pretend your period doesn’t exist. Literally plug it up and stop it’s flow, take contraception pills to ‘control’ it and to keep going, full steam. ALL THE TIME.
But when we ignore the call of the feminine, who calls us to know our flow – the masculine AND the feminine – by never looking up at the moon, by cursing our monthly bleed, by plugging our yoni with bleached tampons to stop the blood flowing, by not honouring yourself and your cycle, by never resting because you think it makes you look weak, by doing everything possible to pretend it doesn’t exist, […]

I’m a celebrity…and I bleed.

For non-UK residents, we have a programme here called I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here –  10 z-list celebrities (who generally have a big tax bill to pay) enter an Australian jungle for 3 weeks and do a variety of hellish tasks that involve eating kangaroo penis and various other parts of an animal’s anatomy, putting their hands into unknown boxes to be nipped, bitten and stung by various insects and surviving on rice and peas all for our viewing pleasure. I LOVE shit like this. I’m a total fan-girl. Except watching this Saturday’s episode made my tummy a li’l uneasy and it was NOTHING to do with the cocktail of witchity grubs and pigs testicles.

Are you ready to write a new story?

So, I’m done with this story.
You know the one.
The one where women are ‘too much’, or ‘not enough’.
The one where women forget to dance with themselves, to touch themselves, to undulate with their own pleasure.
The one where women no longer come into deep and juicy communion with SHE.
The one where women ignore their wild, cyclical nature.
The one where women no longer honour their bleed time, and instead curse it and wish that it didn’t exist.
The one where we have no idea who the fuck we are because we don’t dare to claim and stand in our total awesomeness.
Love, it’s time for us to write a new story.
Which is why I am inviting you to join me from the 6th Nov to 6th Dec for  Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+ guts) Out a 30 day make-out session with your muse.
Now, when you dare to get muss up the sheets (of paper) with your muse, something amazing happens.
You create space.
A space for your voice – the unedited, SHE-powered, straight-from-the-heart-and-guts voice – to speak without fear of ridicule, silencing or censorship.
Oh yeah.
But then, and this is where it gets really badass, if you unlock your fiercely feminine superpowers (these are accessed through the phases of the moon + your menstrual cycle) not only do you feel like every woman who has gone before you who has NOT told her story has totally got your back, you are luna-led + SHE-powered.
You are a force o’ nature.
Mumma Nature.
And basically, shit gets sacred pretty quickly.
So I invite you to join me for Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+ guts) Out.
This started out simply as a writer wanting to share her […]

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Seriously, what are you here for, lady?

For the longest time, I thought I had to do business like everyone else.
That I had to follow a five point plan, create web content a certain way + that in order to be successful I had to niche.
There was simply no way, according to business 101, that I could run a successful business that combined all the things I loved – self-love, writing books, coaching women to write + share their story, being an editor and teaching fiercely feminine superpowers.

Then, 18 months ago,  my mum and dad died.
I did lots o’ soul searching, journaled the shit out of my thoughts + feelings here on the blog and in my notebooks, and found myself asking, ‘seriously, what are you here for, lady?’

You don’t have to, and absolutely shouldn’t wait for your parents to die before asking yourself the BIG questions.
Instead of worrying about how to niche, or what will make you more money, I urge you to Just. Do. The. Work.
Every day, I turn up to the page or computer screen and I Do The Work.
By work, I mean THE work.
The kind that involves you showing up in all your heart-wide-open rawness.
The kind that involves self-inquiry.
The kind that will mean you no longer feel it necessary to follow the guidance of another, but instead trust yourself. Implicitly.

I do most of my ‘work’ in journals, blog posts + heart riffs.
A lot of my unravelling has happened here on this blog, not necessarily in the words you’ve read, but most definitely in the process of writing, but in all honestly, it doesn’t matter where you do the work, it just matters that you do it.
So that when you ask the big questions, like […]

#SHEboss: mud wrestling with the divine

My Facebook feed is filled with women who are goal-setting like a mother lover, working their asses off and scoring 5 figure months.
This is awesome.
I am ALL about women declaring their successes and inspiring others, but it got me to thinking, for many women, this rise in the ‘five-figure-month woman’ may be yet another ‘I’m not good enough’ stick for us to beat ourselves with.
Your stick of choice for self-flagellation might not be the five-figure-month woman, it might be the get-shit-done-er or the constant creatrix,  or maybe it’s the her-blog-is-better-than-mine or my personal nemesis, she’s-already-doing-it-so-I-can’t-compete.
I’m not a dumbass,  and nor are you, you know comparing yourself to others sucks, you know that competing is not the answer, and you know that we’ve all got our own unique + badass super-powers to share with the world, yet it doesn’t stop us stalking them on Facebook, shaking a fist at their so-much-better-than-ours homepage and feeding our inner-told-you-so with enough fuel to keep her full for a week.
Now, if you’re anything like me, when I talked about Do it like a #SHEboss last week, the chances are you were like ‘awesome, g-friend. Bring on the deets – show me what I’ve got to do and I’ll do it.’
Except even if I DID bring on the deets, you wouldn’t do it, would you?
Not because you didn’t want to, but because something would stop you.
What I’ve discovered is that the ‘something’ that’s stopping you, is exactly the same thing that’s fuelling your comparison-itis, it’s the very same thing that’s stopping you earning five-figures-a-month (if you want to of course, that’s a whole other blog post entirely) and it’s the thing that stops you from daring to do business YOUR way, on your terms.
So before […]

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Do it like a #SHEboss

I had a revelation this weekend. I have been freelance/working for myself/creatrix o’ my own destiny/#SHEboss for officially ten years now. *Totally high fiving myself.* In that 9-to-5 job, I’d felt like I was a square peg being bashed into a round hole, like my big, substantial curvy ass was being squished into one of those teeny-tiny, super-conventional office cubicles, and as anyone who has ever done anything that doesn’t feel good for a long period of time will tell you, that shiz gets uncomfy. But I get it now. I get why I didn’t fit. It wasn’t my tattoos, blue hair and ‘interesting’ dress sense (okay it might have been that a bit) it’s this: Dudes are linear. Women are cyclic. Yet as women, we’re all trying to work to a super-structured, dude-centric 9-5 schedule, 5 days a week calendar, where we are expected to deliver the same results consistently day in, day out. We then seek self-help and sign up to coaching to help us get better/achieve goals/be successful yet most of the books + practices available right now are dude-centric too. We then set unrealistic expectations of ourselves and go on to beat ourselves up and deem ourselves ‘not good enough’ when we can’t deliver in a consistent way. Good news: there is another way. When you stop trying to do it like a dude, and work with the natural rhythms of nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle, you unlock your cyclic super powers and do business AND life like a #SHEboss. Yep, becoming a moon + menstrual maven who understands and is in total sync with her natural rhythms WILL make it significantly easier (and a whole lot more enjoyable) to […]

Heart riff: Mumma’s home

I returned to my Untamed manuscript today, the book I was writing 17 months ago when my mumma and pops died.
The one that that became my refuge, my sanctuary through those early days when the pain felt like a tight clamp around a bruised and fragile heart.
I returned to it because today is my mumma’s birthday.
It’s also a week to the day since the Viking and I moved into our first pile o’ bricks that we now own together.
Emotions are high.
Since being in the new house, I’ve been feeling not good enough, not worthy of this gorgeous pile o’ bricks, of the love that Rich and I have and of the live that we’re creating together.
I’ve desperately been seeking my mumma’s validation in this massive transition, and when I’ve not received it, I’ve looked for it in others – in the Viking’s parents, in my friends, even in strangers when they come to the door – ‘hi, what do you think of my new carpet?’
I just want proof that I’m not fucking up, that I’m doing okay.
Except no one can give me that.
This coincides with what I am currently experiencing in this body.
A time when it’s expected by societal constructs that I ‘should’ and ‘could’ be a mumma – it’s the now or never – I don’t know if that’s even possible in this body, and I’m not entirely sure if I’d want them if it was, and if I did, there’s an underlying fear, that…well, I’d totally fuck it up.
I am deeply charged by helping others to birth and become mummas – from the practicals of lady landscape-loving and fertility health and well-being, to birthing books, stories, creative projects and true callings – but since […]

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How well do you know your menstrual cycle?

Do you suffer from crazy pain at bleed time or get PMS so bad you want to gouge your partner’s eyes out when they so much as breathe?
Right now, do you know what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on?
In fact, do you even care?

I really began to get intimate with my cycle in 2004 when after three years of totally debilitating pain and mis-diagnosis, I got told I had endometriosis.
If I’m honest, I was relieved.
I finally had a name for the thing that had made me pretty much unbearable to live with or be around.
Except, when we name things we give them power, and the power of endometriosis amongst the medical professionals at the time was that it gave an insta-green light to take out my ovaries and womb in order to ‘cure’ the pain.
I was shocked.
I was 25 at the time and my boyfriend and I had not even had the ‘children’ chat yet.
Their response? ‘Endometriosis means that babies are no longer an option, so why would you need your womb and ovaries? Surely being pain free is the goal?’
Sure, the pain was debilitating, I had to take to my bed for entire days, and I was forever cancelling meetings, appointments and social engagements.
In fact, I got myself a reputation as a total flake just because I was too embarrassed to say ‘I can’t come out/to work/to the meeting because I’m bleeding through industrial super-size pads and my bed looks like a scene from the movie Carrie.’
But, and I didn’t know the incredible power that we hold in our womb space at the time, I simply wasn’t willing to give it […]